Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bench That Turns Into A Table

You just have got to love a bench that turns into a table. It is practical, space-saving and saves you money. Rather than having to buy a bench plus a table, you can make do with a single piece. So, what you can get is a bench that looks something like this:

which transforms into a table and seat like this:

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Just flip the back and you get a table. If you have the space, you can buy two of these benches, convert them and you will have one full-sized picnic table when you joined the two together. When you don't have a need for the table, they make comfortable benches with a back. You save some space, and you have additional seats in your garden. They are movable and flexible, unlike the permanent fixture of a bench that goes around a tree.

For a bench that converts to a picnic table, get one that is stable and has a mechanism that makes the conversion easy to do. You certainly don't want something that is a hassle to change from one form to another. A convertible bench that you can flip up in a blink of an eye would be best so you won't have to worry over where to put your food and drinks come picnic time.

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